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A Manifesto

Are You Missing from Your Scrapbook?

I’m not the best photographer, but when it comes to taking photos for my scrapbook I am almost always the one behind the camera.  Since I have yet to master the art of the selfie, I find that photos of me are rare.  It’s something I would really like to improve.  I need to remember to ask friends to take some of the pictures and I definitely need to include more photos of myself in my layouts.

The Book of Me

When I want to go a bit deeper into the details, I craft in my Book of Me.  This scrapbook is dedicated to telling my story.  The layouts here allow me to leave a legacy.  They allow me to be seen, to be known , and maybe even to inspire.  They are a place for me to document my growth and to share the more private aspects of my life.

A favorite selfie

I recently completed a mastermind event for stamping business owners.  This is the event where I set my business goals for the year.  My coach had some great advice about personal goals too.  After all, if you’re the engine that runs your business, you need to take care of yourself! You can hear more about this event on the podcast.  Check out the episode titled Masterminds & Manifestos.

Just after the event, I happened to pick up Michael Hyatt’s Your Best Year Ever.  Hyatt has a lot to say about setting goals, both personal and professional.  I’m excited about using his methods for keeping motivation high.  Hyatt recommends dealing with any type of belief that is blocking you from success before you start your challenge.  In support of that idea, I decided to create a manifesto.  I took a hard look at who I would need to become to reach my goals and then wrote out a declaration defining that woman.  I’m sharing it with you here today in the hope that you too will include a manifesto in your Book of Me.

My Manifesto

I am a woman who speaks kindly to herself

I am a woman who practices exquisite self care

I am a woman who creates beautiful environments

I am a woman who is constantly reading, learning, and growing

I am a woman who is decisive

I am a woman who speaks calmly during conflict

I am a woman who is persistent

I am a woman who can do hard things

I am a woman who turns challenges into opportunities


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