Tough Stuff

Yesterday’s post about tragic events got me to thinking about how I scrapbook life’s more personal trying moments.  I once created a year in review layout titled The Good, The Bad and The Truly Ugly.  It was the year I decided to get divorced.  I’ll leave the truly ugly events to your imagination but suffice it to say those items were not for public consumption.  The solution is a favorite of mine: hidden journaling.

Some of the stories we tell are for select eyes only.  Even so, I think these are stories we need to tell.  As much as I would like future generations to see my life like a highlight reel of holidays, vacations and good times in the end I would fail to show the most important aspects of who I am and what I believe.  There is great value in telling what we have survived, what made us stronger and how we loved even if it wasn’t pretty one hundred percent of the time.

drdizAt a glance, this layout appears to be one of many cute puppy pages in my album.  In fact, the hidden journaling tells the story of how my dog Disney got the nickname Dr. Diz.  It’s a sad story about the loss of my dog Checkers, a year of mourning and how puppy love can mend a broken heart.  Dr. Diz is my favorite cardiologist!

Leave me a comment and let me know how you incorporate hidden journaling in your layouts.

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