Handmade and Heartfelt

I saw this Snoopy graphic on Facebook and I just had to share it with you.

Snoopy - love is a note in your lunchboxImagine the look on your child’s face when she opens her lunch box to find a special surprise from you.  Imagine her smile as she reads words of encouragement for the big spelling test.  Imagine her laugh if you’ve chosen a silly sentiment.  A quick card tucked into a lunch box is a reminder of your love and support.

It’s the same message we send with handmade cards to our friends and family.  Who wouldn’t want to open their mailbox to find a note of encouragement, a silly sentiment or a cheerful thinking of you card?  Taking the time to send a handmade card sends the message that the recipient is someone important to you.  Think about how good it feels to put a smile on a friend’s face or to provide a moment of comfort in a challenging time.  You can do all that with a piece or two of cardstock, some inks and a stamp set!

Today, I’m working on a thinking of you card and a birthday card.  Look for pics to be posted to the blog in a day or two.  Post in the comments and let me know what type of cards you’ll make next!