Top Five Reasons to Keep a Scrapbook

While keeping a scrapbook may mean slightly different things to different people, I think there are more than a few benefits to this hobby.  Here are my top five reasons for scrapbooking:

5. Community – Like the quilting circles of my grandmother’s day, I find that scrapbooking crops tend to create social connections.  They are a place to share tools and supplies plus a terrific source of inspiration.

4. Artistic Expression – Scrapbooking allows me to play with papers, inks, stickers and more.  Some days I want to play with watercolor pencils and other days I can’t wait to get out my glitter!

3. Travel Memories – I love to travel and create layouts to remember my adventures.

2. My Godchildren – When the children were very young, well before they could read, they would pick up my scrapbook and use the pictures to tell me the story of how we became a family.  My scrapbooks are a symbol of my love for them and how much pride I take in their endeavors.

My Becoming More scrapbook

A place for deeply personal layouts

1. Telling My Story -  I want future generations of my family to understand what my life was like and the choices I’ve made.  I make layouts about the people I love, the things I like and the places I go.  I document my struggles and my successes.  I make cute pages about my doggies and funny pages about my addiction to Mt. Dew.

I hope you will share your Top Five in the comments!