In Stitches!

I’ve never considered myself to be very good with a needle and thread, but I love the dimension stitching adds to cards, embellishments and layouts.  This month I’ve found two new ways to add stitches to my layout with ease!

Cross-stitch Wishes

Cross-stitch Wishes

First, the January Stamp of the Month, Cross-stitch Wishes, is perfect for cards, embellishments and borders.  It’s as easy as adding ink!  Check out some of the many projects you can make with these stamps:

Stamp of the Month projects

Created with Cross-stitch Wishes

Have you tried our Stitch Guide and Foam Mat?  Use this handy tool with our twine to create perfect borders and shapes from circles and stars to hearts and swirls.

Stitch Guide

Stitch on cards, embellishments and layouts with ease

Give these techniques a try and let me know what you create!

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