Quick Tips for Clear Stamped Images

One of the concerns I hear most often when I introduce paper crafters to stamping is about getting a great stamped impression.  Today I’ve got a few simple steps to help you get a perfect image each time you stamp!

  1. Before using your new My Acrylix stamps on a project, you will need to season the stamp.  This process will help ink stick to the stamp and reduce the possibility of staining.  Ink your new stamp with a light color and stamp the image several times.  If ink beads on the stamp or fails to give the desired coverage, repeat the process.  You may also want to rub any remaining ink into the stamp with your finger.
  2. Select a block size that is not much larger that your stamp.  Do not rock the stamp on your ink pad or your paper.
  3. Remember a light but firm application is all you need with My Acrylix stamps; pressing too hard can cause smudging.
  4. For crisp images, cushion your paper with the foam insert provided.
  5. Don’t forget to clean your stamps with each use!  I clean my stamps with My Acrylix™ Spritz Cleaner and our My Acrylix™ Stamp Scrubber.
My Acrylix stamp and blocks

My Acrylix stamp and blocks

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