Powerball Fantasy

1.5 billion dollars.  Let’s take a minute and let that number sink in.  Tonight’s Powerball drawing will very likely make someone, possibly you, very rich indeed.  With such a life-changing amount of money on the line, folks everywhere are dreaming of just what it would feel like to cash in the winning ticket.

Facebook is flooded with posts and articles on everything from the advantages of the annuity over the lump sum pay out to lists of worthy charities would be winners would like to support.   Winning the lottery provides both the time and the means to totally alter the way we live.  Imagine how much free time you would have after you quit your job!

Dream big.  You now have the money and the time to travel everywhere your heart desires, to indulge in luxury goods, to drive the car of your dreams (Bugatti Veyron, anyone?) and to buy your parents a mansion.  You can hire people to mow the lawn, style your clothes, clean the mansion(s) and walk the dog.  So how will you fill your time?

I’m guessing that most of us would choose to surround ourselves with the people we love – our family and friends.  As fun as it is to daydream about extravagant trips, amazing purchases of luxury goods and a Bugatti Veyron (that one is hard to give up), I think it is worth reminding ourselves that we have the opportunity to cherish our loved ones every day.  Right now, Powerball or no, we can have the best part of the dream. Maybe you can’t jet away on an around the world vacation, but you can make memories in your own back yard.

Let me show you how you can create scrapbook pages that celebrate the relationships that matter.  Cherish those memories and capture them in your scrapbooks.

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