Paper Scraps

Floral greeting card

Make this quick card with project scraps

My friend Joann has an amazing system for organizing her paper scraps.  She has a clear envelope with dividers and sorts her scraps by color.  Another scrapbooker I know puts all of her odds and ends in a bowl which she leaves out whenever she’s working on a project.  She tells me that she is more likely to use what she sees.

I struggle with scraps.  I hate to throw out something pretty or something useful.  What I find to be more effective than storing my extra bits and pieces is to use them up right away!  Last night I had created a birthday card using our Brushed collection and I found I had a a good sized scrap of the floral paper left over.  I couldn’t let this gorgeous paper go to waste so I made a simple card by cutting the piece into three equal pieces, mounting them on cardstock and embellishing the card with a cute button and some pen work.

What’s your best solution for paper scraps?  Please share your ideas in the comments.

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