National Banana Bread Day

I was browsing Facebook this morning and came across a post with a photo of homemade banana bread.  Who would have guessed today is National Banana Bread Day? The picture of that homemade loaf immediately reminded me of baking quick breads with my mother.  I recall the details of the kitchen in my childhood home, the red and white checked cookbook mom loved and the apron my great grandmother made for me.

When you think about it, a lot of our memories and traditions revolve around food.  From holiday tables loaded with turkey and dressing to birthday cakes, food is connected to all sorts of celebrations.  Certain dishes recall special people in our lives.  My great aunt Billie was known for her chicken and dumplings.  My grandmother had a unique frosting recipe.

My mother has a hand full of signature dishes, including the cherry cookies I posted about earlier this month.   Her best friend has mastered some of my favorite Southern dishes like Cheese Straws.  They have passed a number of handwritten recipe cards my way and I love including them in my scrapbook pages.

Enjoy stamp set

When food is a gift, this stamp set helps you wrap it up!

Food may be the highlight of the party, a signature dish or it may be a gift.  Do you bake cookies for your neighbors over the holidays?  Food is comfort in trying times.  It’s a tradition to bring a casserole to a sick or grieving friend.  Food can also be a sign of welcome.  I think a loaf of banana bread would be perfect to welcome a new neighbor or to celebrate a housewarming!

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