Jazz up your Journaling

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but telling your story is about more than the photographs.  Our albums tell all sorts of tales from our vacation adventures to our holiday traditions.  My favorite pages tell the stories of everyday life, the people and pets that I love.   Today I’ve got three tips for using journaling to tell your stories in unique ways.

  1. Change the point of view – when I journal I’m writing in my own voice and telling everything from my perspective.  Try quoting your child or including a small sample of their artwork or handwriting on your layout.
  2. Explore a relationship – instead of the classic who, what, when and where write about how you feel about the individuals in the photo.  What do you have in common?  How do you feel when you spend time with them?
  3. Write about the world around you – imagine having your great grandmother’s handwritten letters or even her diary.  What would you want to know about her life and the events she witnessed both historic and commonplace?  Share your feelings about national news like September 11th or the presidential election in addition to family stories.

Let’s get those rich details and precious memories captured in your layouts!  Post in the comments and share your best journaling prompts.

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