Inspired By Someone Special

I can’t resist a pretty floral stamp set! My current favorite is Someone Special

floral stamp setI’ve always loved flowers and gardening.  Growing up I spent hours beside my mother weeding, pruning and learning about flowers.  My mom grew up on a farm and she’s got a green thumb!  Her knack with growing things is extraordinary.

Did you know that the flower for November is the chrysanthemum?  I can’t decide if the stamp set reminds me more of mums or dahlias but both of them feature in Mom’s Fall garden.    Here’s what Mom shared with me when I asked about November’s flower.

mumsChrysanthemums are beautiful show-stopping flowers most often used to brighten autumn gardens. There are hundreds of varieties. If buying from a garden center, select bushy plants with lots of leafy stems growing from the base. Plant about 18-24 inches apart at the same depth they were in the pot. Some of the most common varieties include single, decorative, cushion, anemone, pompom (pictured above), quill, spider and spoon. The hardiest of these are the anemone, cushion, decorative and single types.

Planting is best done in early spring after danger of frost is past. The plants need a location that has good drainage. Equally important are adequate air circulation and morning sun to dry dew from the leaves and stems which helps prevent mildew. Their blooms occur in response to shorter days and longer nights so they should not be planted near areas that are well lit at night.

Chrysanthemums can benefit from pruning to encourage bushier plants and more beautiful flowers. Begin pinching off the tips every few weeks when they are about six inches tall. Stop around the first of July or about 100 days before you want to enjoy their blooms. Don’t forget they benefit from a balanced fertilizer applied lightly but frequently during the growing season.

Mom has lots more to share about these beautiful flowers.  Watch the blog to learn how to multiply these stunning plants in your garden using seeds, cuttings or plant division.  I’ll also be using the stamp set to showcase two new projects.  Be sure to add this stamp set to your collection today.