Banoffee Pie

Do you have a favorite dessert?  For years I would have said mine was bananas foster or creme brulee.  Last year I attended a dinner at the Publix Apron’s cooking school and found my most recent favorite, banoffee pie.    Rich and creamy, this delectable blend of bananas and caramel was introduced to me by Chef Judith Johnston McLouglin.  Chef Judith has a beautiful cookbook, The Shamrock and The Peach, with a variety of unique recipes that blend Irish and Southern flavors.

My neighborhood Publix store recently held another dinner featuring Judith’s recipes and I was inspired to create a soap version – calorie free!- of banoffee pie.  You can find Chef Judith’s recipe on her blog.  Like Chef Judith’s, my version includes a pecan ‘crust’ (just enough for gentle exfoliation) and I’ve also taken the liberty of adding a swirl of chocolate!  My soap will be available next Saturday at the Welcome Spring Craft Fair at Flaire Celebrations.  Visit my booth from 9am until 4pm at 2762 Park Street.

Banoffee pie soap bar

This layered soap features a pecan crust and a chocolate swirl with the rich scent of bananas and caramel.

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